Health Sciences Programs

Health Science students must comply with the clinical facility requirements related to immunizations and testing.  Students should not delay in completing their immunizations as some take up to 4-6 months to complete.  All completed clinical requirements will be due by the deadline established in the Enrollment Invitation communication.  For those students on the ADN Wait List, documentation of the non-time sensitive immunizations will be required within one year of being placed on the Wait List.  A deadline will be communicated in the email that indicates placement on the Wait List.

Students will not be allowed to participate in clinical programs without documentation of completed program immunization requirements.

All students must submit proof of immunity by either immunization or serologic verification as described below by the designated deadline established in their Enrollment Invitation communication or the ADN Wait List Notification email. 

Student will complete the Immunization Documentation form showing dates of immunizations or titer.  Copies of original immunization records should be submitted along with the completed Immunization form.  The verification of immunizations and the documentation form must be completed and submitted by the required deadline.

Required Immunizations Include: 

Tdap—Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis — A Tdap (which includes vaccination for Pertussis) needs to be administered one time as an adult. Students who have not had a Tdap as an adult, are required to obtain one prior to enrollment (even if a Td booster has been received within the 7 -10 year timeframe for subsequent boosters).

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) — two doses of MMR vaccine (reported by month and year of each dose) OR a positive titer for Measles or Rubella.

Hepatitis B — series of three injections OR positive titer.  Be aware that the recommended minimum timeframe for the series is about four (4) months -- 8 weeks between the second and third doses and a minimum of 16 weeks between first and third doses. 

Varicella (Chicken Pox)—two doses of vaccine if received after age 13 OR a positive titer.

Influenza — one dose annually (October – February). The Public Health Department of both Shasta County and Tehama County have mandated that all healthcare workers must receive an annual influenza vaccine.  In addition, most of the health care facilities in which we contract for clinical assignments require students to have the vaccine prior to being assigned to patient care.

Note:  Nurse Assistant students who do their clinical experience in long-term care facilities only, will be required to submit only the Tuberculosis screening; physical exam and influenza vaccination. 


Students must submit copies of their actual immunization record to the Health Sciences office for verification. These records may be available from public health records, military records, medical records from personal or group physicians offices, or a school nurse. If records are not available, the applicant must repeat immunizations        
Obtain Serum titers and submit the actual lab report.

Note:  Titers will require a physician order taken to a clinical laboratory.  A student's insurance may or may not cover these titers.  Should the student need to pay for the lab titers, there is a laboratory in Redding that offers significant discounts for cash payment -- Valley Clinical Laboratory at 1555 East Ave. (across the street from SRMC). 

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