Associate Degree Nursing (RN)
Clinical Requirements Instructions & Packets

Associate Degree Nursing students are placed on a "Wait List" once their application has been accepted.  Once a position becomes available in a class, the student will receive an Enrollment Invitation via email.  The email will provide an online link whose submission will communicate the student's response to the invitation to the Health Sciences office. The Enrollment Invitation letter will provide information regarding proceeding with the clinical requirements process and give a date for when the supporting documentation should be submitted to the Health Sciences office. 
The students should choose the Clinical Requirements packet that corresponds to the program in which they will be entering, print the checklist, review the associated information and policies, and print the forms upon which they must submit their documentation. It is important to note the date for submission of documents.  Should the documentation arrive in the Health Sciences Office later than the date specified, the student will be disqualified from the Wait List and the student's class position for enrollment will be offered to another student on the Wait List.