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Calling all persons desiring a career in healthcare! If you expect to complete your prerequisite requirements for the Shasta College Vocational Nursing program by spring 2016 then please make plans to attend one of our upcoming information sessions to apply for a position on our wait list and hopefully a position in our program beginning fall 2016! Get one step closer to your career goal by attending an Information Session to learn all you can about the program and how you can become a Licensed Vocational Nurse through Shasta College!














Did you receive a layoff notice because of downsizing or closure from a Shasta County or Trinity County company?  If you received a layoff notice you may be eligible for educational assistance from SMART.  Check the list of affected companies.  If you fit, call SMART at 530-2485-1536 TODAY! 


Do you or anyone you know have periodontal (gum) disease?  Shasta College Dental Hygiene students need you! 
Here's an opportunity for treatment.