Health Sciences & University Programs

Programs within the Health Sciences Division involve students progressing through theory and clinical content to obtain a desired degree or certificate for their chosen professional careers.  This requires close coordination and collaboration of faculty in designing and implementing the curriculum for the desired outcome, but between the faculty and adjunct instructors assigned to each semester.  Working as partners, the semester faculty and their clinical adjuncts can be most effective with good communication.  Consistent information between members of the semester team allows for greater efficiency and support to the students.

To assist in the communication of information between faculty and their clinical adjuncts, we have developed a repository of faculty resources on the Health Sciences website for use by all team members -- full time faculty and adjunct faculty.

Some resource materials will reach across programs and others will be specific for a program or a semester within that program.

General Resources:

- Part-Time Faculty Time Card - Updated 8/26/16

Associate Degree Nursing Resources

Dental Hygiene Resources

Vocational Nursing Resources 

Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide Resources​​​​​

Intent to Return (Part-Time Nursing Faculty)​