Health Sciences Program​

Policies have been developed to support the practice processes and functions of the Health Sciences programs.  The policies are listed here based on the department to which they apply as well as being referenced throughout the content for each of the programs.

Health Sciences - General that apply to all programs

Nursing Programs  - General to all nursing programs

**ATTENTION - All ADN students entering their first semester of the program as of Spring 2018. There is a uniform policy change.  Please do not purchase uniforms until directed by the Health Sciences Office. The following ADN Dress Code Policy, applies only to students in the ADN program and will be in effect for all cohorts starting in Spring 2018 or later.


Dress code policy dated 12/2/16 and imbedded below is in effect for those students currently enrolled in nursing programs (including the ADN program) as of Fall 2017.

Associate Degree Nursing

Medical Assisting Program​

Vocational Nursing

Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide

Dental Hygiene Program