Associate Degree Nursing (RN)
Tips for Success

We have put together suggestions of activities that you can consider in order to improve your success in the program.

  • Take a Medical Terminology class or purchase from any bookstore and complete, Medical Terminology Essentials, by A. Ettinger & P. Burch, Paradigm Publishing, Inc.
  • Study a test-taking skills book available at most bookstores.
    • Test Success:  Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students, P. Nugent & B. Vitale, F.A. Davis Company.
    • Soar to Success:  Do Your Best on Nursing Tests, P. Rollant, Mosby
  • Take at least one class every 3 semesters to maintain your catalog rights (Chapter 5) in you have not yet been invited into the program.
  • Take a “refresher” math class (such as Math 240) or purchase the textbook used in the nursing program, Calculate with Confidence, D.G. Morris, Mosby
  • Continue to enroll in college courses that require English, transfer-level math (statistics) and/or critical thinking skills such as English 1C, Adulthood & Aging, Nutrition
  • Complete coursework towards a BSN such as Chemistry 2A and 2B
  • Get your eyes examined.  You will be doing a lot of reading in this program and looking at small print.  Many students discover that they need glasses.
  • Develop reliable childcare options and backup alternatives.
  • Develop a reliable transportation system.  Maybe maintenance or repair on your vehicle as well as alternative transportation for backup.
  • Examine your financial situation.  This program is expensive in terms of time and money.
    • Make an appointment with the Financial Aids office prior to starting the program.
    • Put some money away in savings for emergencies.
  • Examine time commitments – this program is a full-time job!  Most students spend 40 + hours per week between scheduled class time and study time.
  • Develop a stress reduction program (fun time, exercise, nutrition, time management).  Use the on-campus Student Health & Wellness Services as a resource.

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