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(through Challenge Process)


​​Advanced placement refers to students desiring to challenge enrollment in the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program for placement in an advanced semester (2nd or 3rd semester only).

Applicants desiring advanced placement in the ADN program must apply for the program by submitting applications during the established ADN Application filing periods. Enrollment placements are based on space availability. As class positions become available, applicants are invited to enroll in a class.

Once registered into the first semester of the ADN program, qualified applicants may request Advanced Placement through the Course Challenge processA qualified applicant must meet all pre-requisite program requirements and have successfully completed previous related educational programs or course work. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit proof of eligibility and supporting materials. 

Categories of qualified applicants that may seek Advanced Placement through the Challenge Procedure include:  

  • Licensed Vocational Nurses seeking to advance their training to an Associate of Science Degree and their licensure to Registered Nursing. 
  • Transfer applicants from another ADN or BSN nursing program.
  • Registered Nurses seeking an Associate Degree in Science.
  • Ancillary licensed/trained applicants, includes Armed Forces Services Medical Personnel.  
Enrollment Specifics for Advanced Placement​
Follow the links below for more information on how to seek advanced placement for the following:
Vocational Nurses
(seeking RN licensure)


Registered Nurses (seeking an Associate of Science Degree)​

Ancillary Licensed/Trained Applicants (includes Armed Services Medical Personnel)​


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