Associate Degree Nursing (RN)


The following list is an approximation for those expenses commonly experienced by students.  Each individual will find there is variation depending on the source and item purchased, and changing college enrollment fees.
  • ​Registration Fee (48 units)*
  • Campus Center/Student Health Fee (four semesters)*
  • Parking Fee (optional for students taking classes at the Health Sciences)*

*The above fees are not included in the approximate cost of the program as these fees are subject to change without notice.

​Approximate Cost
(may vary)
​​Textbooks (total program) ​$2,500.00
​Uniforms and required materials (shoes, watch, bandage scissors, goggles, penlight, stethoscope, hemostat forceps)
​Physical Examination, Immunizations and Tests ​$500.00
​Pre-Enrollment Criminal Background Check / Drug Screen ​$94.95
​Nursing Supply Kit ​$325.00
​TOTAL: ​$3,919.95

During the fourth semester of the program, successful students will be able to apply for the NCLEX-Computer Adaptive Testing (C.A.T.) licensing examination.  Based on the fee schedule from the Board of Registered Nursing, these fees include:

​Item​ ​Approximate* Cost
​Board of Registered Nursing Applicaton Fee ​$350.00
​Interim Permit ​$100.00
​NCLEX-RN Fee (mail or telephone) ​$230.00
​Live Scan Fingerprinting ​​$75.00
​Photo ID ​$10.00
​TOTAL: ​$765.00*
   *Prices are subject to change.

 ​​At the end of the fourth semester of the program, successful students are encouraged to participate in the Nursing Pinning Ceremony and the Graduation Ceremony.  Students will need:
​Item​ ​Approximate* Cost
Nursing Pin ​$45.00 - $360.00
Scrubs for Pinning ​$60.00
Cap & Gown for graduation ​$45.00 and up
​TOTAL: ​$150.00 - $500.00*
  *Prices depend on student's choice of pin material and design.

Financial assistance is available.  Students seeking assistance should contact the Financial Aid Office​ on campus (530) 242-7700.  There are scholarships available for nursing students.

ADN Program Information & Resources
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