Associate Degree Nursing
Graduation Requirements

Students who complete the Associate Degree of Nursing program at Shasta College are eligible to apply for an Associate in Science Degree.  Students must meet all of the requirements for graduation as indicated in the catalog to which they have "catalog rights​". Catalog rights are determined based on when a student initially took courses at Shasta College.  As long as a student maintains continuous attendance at Shasta College, catalog rights are protected.  If there has been an interruption in classes for more than two semesters, the student will be held responsible for the graduation requirements in effect at the time they re-enter Shasta College.

Effective Fall 2017, applicants must demonstrate that they have successfully completed the graduation requirements prior to being authorized to enroll in the 1st semester classes of the ADN program.   Applicants are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with the Health Sciences counselor upon notice that they have been placed on the Wait List in order to make sure that the graduation requirements are completed or to develop a plan to complete the courses.

It is the student’s responsibility to file an application for the degree.  The application should be filed in the Admissions & Records Office one month before the end of the semester in which the student plans to complete all of the requirements.

In addition to the prerequisites​ and identified course work, the student must have completed the general education courses for an Associate Degree (Shasta College Catalog).

These include:

Category 1 - Natural Sciences are met with nursing prerequisites ANAT 1, PHYS 1; and MICR 1

Category 2 - Social and Behavioral Sciences are met with prerequisites ANTH 2; SOC 1 or 2

Category 3 - Humanities - choose from one of the selections in the Shasta College Catalog

Category 4 - Language and Rationality - Contains three parts

                   Part a - English Composition met with ENGL 1A
                   Part b- Oral Communication - choose one of CMST10, 54 or 60
                   Part c - Analytical Thinking - choose one from category 4

Category 5 - Multicultural/Living Skills - Choose one from category 5
                    Note:  REGN 20 and REGN 33 will also count for this requirement.

Category 6 - Multicultural Requirement - Choose one from category 6.  
                    Note:  ANTH 2 will also count for this requirement and Category 2.

Category 7 - Computer Literacy - Choose a course from the catalog or pass the proficiency test as described on category 7.  

Note:  Any applicant who has already earned a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution is exempt from these graduation requirements.  However, this regulation does not apply to previously earned Associate degrees.               


 Core Courses 
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