Associate Degree Nursing (RN)

Mission & Philosophy 


The Shasta College Associate Degree Nursing Faculty, in partnership with the students and the community, incorporate our core values of caring, mentorship, integrity, collaboration, role-modeling, advocacy, and inquiry in the education of healthcare team members, who are committed to believing, upholding, and acting upon these values to provide nursing care to families, communities and diverse populations. 

We believe in the synergistic interaction of these core values:

  • Caring is the act of being nurturing, sensitive, and respectful of all peoples.
  • Mentorship is the act of facilitating assimilation into the field of healthcare.
  • Integrity is the act of being responsible and accountable.
  • Collaboration is the act of creating interdisciplinary partnerships.
  • Role-modeling is the act of demonstrating professional behaviors.
  • Advocacy is the act of intervening on behalf of others.
  • Inquiry is the act of questioning and seeking new knowledge.

 Enrollment Criteria  

Application Process​