Associate Degree Nursing (RN)
Mission & Philosophy

The Shasta College Associate Degree Nursing Faculty, in partnership with the students and the community, incorporate our core values of caring, mentorship, integrity, collaboration, role-modeling, and advocacy to educate nurses who are committed to believing, upholding, and acting upon these values to provide patient and family-centered healthcare within the community.

We believe in the synergistic interaction of these core values:

  • Caring is the act of being nurturing and sensitive.
  • Mentorship is the act of facilitating assimilation into the field of nursing
  • Integrity is the act of being responsible and accountable.
  • Collaboration is the act of creating multi-disciplinary partnerships.
  • Role-modeling is the act of demonstrating professional behaviors.
  • Advocacy is the act of intervening on the behalf of others.

 Enrollment Criteria  

 Enrollment  Process