Associate Degree Nursing (RN)


The objective of the Health Sciences Faculty and Staff is to provide the educational opportunities that will allow the Associate Degree Nursing student to successfully complete the Program, be eligible and prepared to take the NCLEX-RN exam and obtain their licensure as a Registered Nurse.

A host of resources are available to the nursing student to supplement their course materials.  By clicking on any of the links below, the student will be taken to content and resources that apply to that subject area.  New resources are added as they become known and available.

Learning Resource Center  

Course assignments require frequent use of the Library (Learning Resource Center).  A library card is necessary for all library transactions. The student is responsible for renewing his/her library card each semester. 

Throughout the program, students may need to refer to the textbooks that they used for their pre-requisite science courses.  We encourage students to retain the textbooks for Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology.  In addition to the textbooks that students used for the science courses, there are a couple of anatomy/physiology reference books that may be helpful to obtain.

  • Scanlon, Valerie, C., Sanders, Tina (2011). Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (6th edition). Philadelphia:  F. A. Davis - ISBN: 978-0-8036-2256-2
  • Viera Lazaroll, Michael J. (2004) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Anatomy & Physiology. New York: Lippincott

Student Organizations

Students wishing to participate in state or national nursing organizations should contact that organization.

National Student Nurses’ Association 
American Nurses’ Association         

Health Services

Shasta College Health/Wellness services offers nursing services such as TB testing and illness assessment, physician services (on specific clinic days) addressing short-term/temporary illness, and personal counseling services focusing on academic success and student retention, with emphasis on stress management. Students must be registered in a credit-bearing class during the semester they are seeking services.  Contact the  Health/Wellness Services Office (room 2020) at (530) 242-7580 for more information and appointments. Shasta College also offers dental services such as basic and deep cleanings, including x-rays. Students must be registered in a credit-bearing class during the semester they are seeking services or must pass a qualifying screening if not a current student. Contact the Dental Hygiene Clinic Office (room 8106) at (530) 339-3608 for more information and appointments.

Educational Assistance


Students who are having difficulty in the nursing program are advised to seek out the faculty, program director, counselors, and other services available on campus.  The Clinical Skills Laboratory has equipment for student utilization. The Shasta College Learning Resources Center has references, media, and computer assisted instruction. Many videotapes and computerized instruction programs have been obtained for student use.

Shasta College Work Site Learning Program

Through the work site learning program, Associate of Science Degree students are able to earn credits as elective units toward the A.A. Degree. If you are interested in this program, contact the instructor of HEOC 94, Health Occupations Work Site Learning as listed in the  Schedule of Classes (page 206).

Financial Assistance

Processing of financial aid requests takes time.  If you are going to need financial aid for the ADN program, it is important that you work with a financial aid counselor during the time you are on the ADN Wait List.  There are course limits for financial aid (105 units for nursing students with a possibility of an additional 30 upon petition).  Students will need to have a declared educational plan in place -- especially if they are planning to petition for additional units.  Beginning with the 2012-1013 school year, there are new limitations on the PELL grants with funding available for a maximum of 12 full-time semesters. Eligibility is tracked and calculated using Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU). The Department of Education keeps track and has  individual student's information available on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). 

Information regarding financial aid programs, process, etc. can be found on the  Financial Aid website.  If students stay current with applications (FASFA, etc.) so that everything is in order, then the processing of the requests will take less time. 

If students who are invited to enroll in a class have not already filled out financial aid applications and have confirmations in hand, they may experience delays in the financial aid process such that they are not prepared financially for the program and will have to decline the enrollment invitation.

As well as the financial aid programs available through Shasta College, there are frequently opportunities for scholarships and loans through other organizations.  The information contained in the links provided are controlled by the participating organization and separate from Shasta College.  

The Financial Aid website has links to additional scholarships listed on their Outside Scholarships page.  At times outside organizations alert us to scholarships that are available.  They are listed below with the appropriate links.

Organization Title


 The Health Professions Education Foundation (HPFE) - is a part of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development and has scholarship applications on an annual basis for nursing students. The HPFE is offering up to $10,000 in scholarship funding for students enrolled in an accredited associate degree nursing (ADN) program in California. The deadline to apply for the ADN Scholarship Program is March 24. In addition, HPEF provides scholarships and loan repayments to students and health professionals interested in pursuing careers within the allied health field. Each program will host technical-assistance calls in February to help potential candidates complete the application requirements. For more information, visit the HPEF website at, then "Applications." Contact: Dorel Harms, (916) 552-7574,


 Scholarship Nursing   


CampusRN Scholarship Fund has $15,000 in Scholarships Available to Nursing & Allied Health Students.  Those interested in finding out more information about current scholarships offered through CampusRN can access their website by clicking on the following link.

Chris Lawley Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students

The Chris Lawley Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students was established in memory of Chris Lawley, R.N., longtime employee of St. Elizabeth Community Hospital.  An individual scholarship has been awarded annually in the amount of $1,500 since the fall semester of 2011.  This scholarship was established from a one-time gift to SECH from the Lawley family.  Additional gifts from the community are welcomed by making a donation to:  Mercy Foundation North, Attention: The Chris Lawley Memorial Scholarship.  Eligibility requirements and information on the selection process can be accessed on this web page by clicking here when ready to review the form.  Those interested in persuing the Chris Lawley Memorial Scholarship can access the application form by clicking here now.


Neree Paprota/Northern California Organization of Associate Degree Nursing Programs Directors’ Scholarship

The Neree Paprota/Northern California Organization of ADN Programs Director's Scholarhip program offers awards of $600.00 each.  If interested in applying for this scholarship, you may download the application by clicking here now. 



Dorothy Minch Scholarship

This scholarship is for a US Citizen, who has at some time attended a Tehama County school(s) and who is pursuing an education to become a Registered Nurse.  In addition, preferred applicants should be those in good standing, have completed their pre-requisite requirements and have successfully completed one semester, or beyond, in a qualified nursing program.  This scholarship is offered through the Red Bluff Emblem Club (contact 384-0360 for more information).


A Nurse I Am

Cherokee Uniforms A Nurse I AM Scholarships

Cherokee Uniforms awards scholarships annually to nursing students.  Information for these scolarship programs are available at   


American Legion Auxiliary - Past President's Parley Nursing Scholarship

Information for the Americal Legion Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship is available at