Associate Degree Nursing
ADN Program Textbooks and Materials

It is important that students purchase the same edition for textbooks that are on the required textbook list. Each new edition of a textbook contains some new content, so if a student is using a previous edition, material may be missing or located on different pages than indicated in the Course Syllabus -- a potential cause of frustration and confusion.

Required Textbook Lists for the ADN program:
1st Semester - REGN 15 & 15P - Book List and Bundle Pricing available

**It is strongly recommended for incoming ADN students to wait on purchasing books until your face to face orientation date.  

2nd Semester - REGN 25 & 25P - Book List and Bundle Pricing available

3rd Semester - REGN 20 & 21

4th Semester - REGN 33 & 34 


Nursing Skills Kit
In addition to the textbooks listed above, students are required to purchase a Nursing Skills Supply Kit. Students will need to contact Medical Equipment Affiliates directly to order their kit after May 1, 2017. Orders will be accepted through July 10, 2017 by 4:00pm; any orders received after the deadline will be  subject to a $15.00 late fee and possible delay in shipping.  Arrangements have been made for these kits to be delivered to the Shasta College Nursing Clinical Skills Lab Coordinator who will notify you via email when they arrive and are available for pick up.  Additional information on the kits can be found by clicking on the links below.  Any questions regarding the student skills kits can be directed to Lynnette Crowe at or by phone at 530-339-3650.