Associate Degree Nursing (RN)



Multicriteria Selection Process has been implemented. An information session will be held May 4, 2020To view the PowerPoint from the ADN Information Session, click here.​ In the meantime, please review our Multicriteria Selection Process​ pages for more information.
Space in the program is limited to 30 new students each fall and spring semester. In order to be eligible for enrollment through the Multicriteria Selection Process, students must file a program application packet during designated application-filing periods

Students must meet all the following requirements to apply through the Multicriteria​ Selection Process:
  • High school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Completion of prerequisite courses with specified grade and/or GPA requirements. No in-progress courses will be accepted.
  • Completion of Graduation Requirements. No in-progress courses will be accepted.
  • Completion of the TEAS exam with a composite score and individual area scores of 62% or above. (see TEAS Guidelines)  Any required remediation must be completed prior to application.
  • Completion of all non time-sensitive Health and Safety Requirements​​​​.

Prerequisite Courses 
The science prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better in each course and a minimum science GPA of 2.5.  All science prerequisites must have a lab component and typically be taken in person. Online lab courses will be accepted at this time.
​Science Prerequisites​​​ ​ ​
ANAT 1 ​Anatomy (with lab) 5 units​
​MICR 1 ​Microbiology (with lab) ​5 units
​PHY 1 ​Physiology (with lab) ​​5 units
​Notes: The following courses will be accepted if totaling at least 4 units.
    • Human Anatomy (with lab)
    • Microbiology (with lab)
    • Physiology (with lab)
Students must complete general prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or better in each course. 

​General Prerequisites​​​ ​ ​
ENGL 1A​ College Composition ​4 units
​Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Sociology
​3 units
​PSYC 1A General Psychology ​3 units
​CMST 54
Small Group Communication
Public Speaking
​3 units
​Notes: ​​ ​ ​
An English Composition course of 3 units will be accepted.

CMST 10 - Interpersonal Communication will only be accepted as a prerequisite if completed Spring 2014 or prior.

PSYC 14 - Psychology of Personal & Social Adjustment will only be accepted as a prerequisite if completed Fall 2017 or prior.

SOC 2 - Social Problems will only be accepted as a prerequisite if completed Fall 2017 or prior.

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