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REGN-1Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Care6.5 N117  
REGN-10Theoretical Concepts/Med-Surg Nursing I6.5 N117  
REGN-11Clinical Concepts of Med-Surg Nursing I4.5 N  243
REGN-12Assessment Concepts of Med-Surg Nursing1 N 54 
REGN-15Health and Illness I6.5 N117  
REGN-15PProfessional Nursing Practicum I5.5 N  297
REGN-2Clinical Foundations of Nursing Care5.5 N  297
REGN-20Theor Cncpts Family/Maternal-Child Nrsng7 N126  
REGN-20XTheor Cncpts Family/Maternal-Child Nrsg4 N72  
REGN-21Clinical Cncpts of Family/Maternal-Child5 N  270
REGN-21XClinical Cncpts Fam/Mat-Child Nrsg4 N  216
REGN-25Health and Illness II6.5 N117  
REGN-25PProfessional Nursing Practicum II5.5 N  297
REGN-33Theor Concepts Mental Hlth/Comm Nursing6 N108  
REGN-33XConcpts Mental Health/Community-Non-Deg6 N108  
REGN-34Clincal Concpts-Mntl Hlth/Comm Nursing6 N  324
REGN-34XClin Cncpts Mntl Hlth/Community-Non-Deg6 N  324
REGN-35Health and Illness III3.5 N63  
REGN-35PProfessional Nursing Practicum III2.5 N  135
REGN-35PXProfessional Nursing Practicum III2.5 N  135
REGN-35XHealth and Illness III3.5 N63  
REGN-36Child and Adolescent Care1.5 N27  
REGN-36PPrfsnl Nrsng Prctm: Child & Adlscnt Care1.5 N  81
REGN-37Maternal & Infant Care1.5 N27  
REGN-37PPrfsnl Nrsng Prctm: Matrnl & Infant Care1.5 N  81
REGN-45Health and Illness IV2.5 N45  
REGN-45PProfessional Nursing Practicum IV2 N  108
REGN-45PXProfessional Nursing Practicum IV2 N  108
REGN-45XHealth and Illness IV2.5 N45  
REGN-46Community and Mental Health2.5 N45  
REGN-46PProf Nrsng Prac: Community & Mental Hlth2 N  108
REGN-46PXProf Nrsng Prac: Community & Mental Hlth2 N  108
REGN-46XCommunity and Mental Health2.5 N45  
REGN-47Professional Nursing Leadership1 N  18
REGN-47PProfessional Nursing Capstone2 N  108
REGN-47PXProfessional Nursing Capstone2 N  108
REGN-47XProfessional Nursing Leadership1 N18