Associate Degree Nursing Program

Multicriteria Selection - Point Assigment



Approved Diagnostic Assessment Tool,

ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills version ATI TEAS

Points Possible: 25


​Required Supporting
7. Approved diagnostic assessment tool, ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (version​​​ ATI TEAS​​​) ​
Points: 25
​​​​​Minimum adjusted individual score of 62% needed on test for admission.

Applicants with a score below 62%, or a failing score in any of the test categories must remediate within one year and retake the TEAS exam with a passing score to qualify to reapply for admission to the ADN program.

TEAS testing may be repeated a maximum of one time. The highest score will used for the application score.
​​​​​​ 7
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Composite Score (overall)​​ ​ ​​​​
90% - 100%​ 25
80% - 89.99% 15
70% - 79.99% 10
62% - 69.9% 5
Less than 62%​​
Not Admitted​​

​​Notes: TEAS exam will be offered by Shasta College twice a year. The dates for the exam will be posted on the Health Sciences Division website. 

Shasta College receives all TEAS scores for assessments taken at the Shasta College Assessment Center. Students who have completed their TEAS assessment at another assessment center must contact to request an offic​ial transcript of their ATI TEAS exam scores be sent to Shasta College Nursing Department prior to the application period.

Additionally, applicants will be required to submit an official TEAS score with their application packet. Scores can be printed immediately after testing or from the applicant's ATI account.

Multicriteria Points Overview