Associate Degree Nursing Program 
Multicriteria Selection Process

Implementation Plan
Issue: Implementation of the Multicriteria Selection Process for the ADN Program and transition from the ADN Wait List.

To be eligible for admission to the Shasta College Associate Degree Nursing Program, applicants must complete program pre-requisites with a grade of “C” or better, and complete an application for the program.  Over the last years, applicants eligible for admission, were placed on the ADN Wait List in random selection order by date of application submission. This practice resulted in a lengthy Wait List of 200 – 300 applicants waiting 2-3 years to gain admission into the program.  

In August of 2014, AB 548 (which replaces AB 1559) was signed by the California governor providing guidelines for the use of multicriteria selection processes to admit students into nursing programs. The multicriteria selection process is intended to be used to determine enrollments for associate degree nursing programs that have too many applicants to accommodate all applicants that have submitted applications and have met initial enrollment criteria. A number of the nursing programs in the California Community College system have adopted the multicriteria selection process and more are converting to this process each year.

Healthcare is and has been experiencing many changes that demand a different level of preparation for nursing students upon graduation. The majority of nurses will begin their nursing careers in the acute care hospital where the acuity of patients if more critical than in the past. In response to the need to prepare nurses for this higher level of patient care, the faculty of the Associate Degree Nursing program have examined what changes need to be made in nursing education to better prepare nurses for their roles upon graduation. One of the measures identified to improve student success is to implement the multicriteria selection process. This implementation of a multicriteria selection process began May 21, 2018.


Proposed Outcome
No further applications will be added to the current Wait List effective March 24, 2018.  Beginning in the summer of 2017, we will implement notification that Shasta College will begin accepting applicants into the ADN Program through a Multicriteria Selection Process starting in May 2018. Applicants will be invited into the ADN program using a combination of the Wait List and Multicriteria Selection Process beginning in Spring 2019 and continuing until all the Applicants who have secured a place on the current Wait List have been invited into the program.   

Integrating Multicriteria and Wait List
To honor the applicants currently on the Wait List, the following process will be implemented until the Wait List has been exhausted.
 Once it is completed, all admissions will be through the Multicriteria Selection Process.
Ø  ​​30 applicants will be taken from the current Wait List and 30 applicants from the Multicriteria Selection Process per year. Alternates will be taken from the Wait List. Applicants on the Wait List may also apply through the Multicriteria Selection Process without forfeiting their place on the Wait List.​
Applicants who were added to the Wait List prior to Fall 2016 may not enroll in the ADN program without having met all AS general education requirements prior to enrolling in the third semester of the ADN program.
Applicants who were added to the Wait List in Fall 2016 through Spring 2018 are required to have all AS educational requirements completed prior to admission into first semester of the ADN program.​
Ø  All applicants on the Wait List are required to make an appointment with the Nursing Counselor prior to entering into the ADN program for transcript evaluation and advance degree planning.
The top 30 qualified applicants will have randomizedranking to determine spring or fall admission.  Fifteen applicants from the first group of Multicriteria applicants will be entering the ADN program in spring 2019, along with 15 current Wait List students. The remaining fifteen applicants will enter in fall 2019.

Data Reporting

Prior to initiating the Multicriteria Selection Process and yearly thereafter, data will be accumulated, including demographics of ethnic groups, of applicants who apply and are selected into the program, also of students that successfully complete the program. The data compiled will be evaluated yearly to help monitor criteria and make sure that there is no exclusion of any subset or population.
Applicants will use the approved application forms which follow the Chancellor’s multicriteria screening process and have been submitted and approved by the Chancellor’s office and Shasta College.


Overview of Multicriteria Selection Points






iteria Selection Process Scoring and Guidelines