Associate Degree Nursing (RN)

Multicriteria Selection Process - FAQs

General Questions
Q: When will applicants from the Multicriteria Selection Process first be admitted into the program?

Applicants from the Multicriteria Selection Process will first be admitted into the program in the Spring 2019 semester. Starting with the Spring 2019 semester, 50% of students admitted into the program will be pulled from the wait list and the other 50% will be chosen from Multicriteria applicants. This process will continue until the wait list is depleted.

Current Wait List Students
Q: I am currently on the Wait List; will it take longer for me to get into the program with the new process?

This average wait time on the wait list is 2-3 years. We expect the time to be the same. There are a few caveats to how this change may affect you.

1) If you have to defer to the bottom of the wait list for any reason. 

2) If you are disqualified from the wait list for not meeting specified deadlines such as taking the TEAS exam or turning in immunizations.

3) If you do not respond to required wait list notifications, and are therefore disqualified from the wait list.

4) If after taking your TEAS exam you need remediation and do not complete the remediation plan within one year, thus disqualifying you from the wait list.

Q: If I am currently on the wait list, do I have to reapply to the program through the Multicriteria Selection Process?

You do not need to reapply to the program if you are currently on the wait list; however, you can maintain your spot on the waitlist and also apply through the Multicriteria Selection Process. This is not required, nor does it remove the applicant from the Wait List.

Q: Do I have to pass the TEAS exam to be admitted through the Multicriteria Selection Process?

A minimum adjusted individual score of 62% is needed on the test for admission through the Multicriteria Selection Process. Applicants with a TEAS composite score below 62%, or a failing score in any of the test categroies must remediate within one year and retake the TEAS exam with a passing score to qualify to reapply for admission to the ADN Program. 

TEAS testing may be repeated a maximum of one time. The highest score will be used for the application score.

Applying through the Multicriteria Selection Process
Q: Do I need to submit an application each semester?

For the Multicriteria Selection Process, interested applicants will need to submit an application each application period up to the time they are accepted into the program. Those currently on the wait list do not need to reapply to the wait list.

Q: I do not live in the Redding area. What is the best way for me to attend an Application Information Session?

Application Information Sessions are only held in person at Shasta College's Downtown Campus. All dates for information sessions will be posted on our website with enough notice for you to make arrangements to attend. Otherwise, to obtain the information presented at the Information Session, you may schedule a phone appointment with the Health Sciences Counselor. You may schedule an appointment online here or by calling (530) 339-3606.

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