Associate Degree Nursing (RN)
(ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills)

Background & Purpose
In 2006, with SB 139 (Statutes of 2007) and SB 1309 (Statutes 2006), the Legislature provided grant funding for developing enrollment growth and retention for nursing programs in California.  The purpose of the legislation was to improve completion rates in nursing programs throughout the state.

Included in the legislation was a mandate to include assessment/readiness testing for Associate Degree Nursing students in California. The California Community Colleges Nursing Advisory Committee developed guidelines for assessment/readiness testing modified and approved by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO).

Shasta College has adopted the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) as its pre-enrollment diagnostic measure of basic skills and will use the results to help develop individualized readiness plans to promote student success in the Associate Degree nursing program.

The TEAS provides information about a prospective nursing student’s abilities in the basic academic skills of Reading, Math, Science and English language.  Currently used by the California State University (CSU) system plus hundreds of other schools of nursing across the United States, the TEAS is one of the assessment measures approved by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO).

Required for Enrollment
Currently, all students admitted to the Shasta College Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program must take the ATI TEAS prior to enrollment in the ADN program.

The test results are used to identify and remediate any areas of deficiency as a condition of enrollment. If a student scores a composite score of 62% (total aggregated score) or below, they will be required to complete an individualized Remediation Plan to correct any identified areas of deficiency as a condition of their enrollment. If a student scores below a composite score of 62% (or who has low scores in any section of the TEAS) they must notify the nursing program division office to set up a meeting to obtain their individualized Remediation Plan. The Remediation Plan will offer suggested classes, review materials or courses and other support activities based on individual needs to assist in program success. The student will be given one year to successfully complete the Remediation Plan and demonstrate readiness to enter the nursing program.

Students who have met the established passing score, without needing remediation in any individual section will be eligible for enrollment. (For more information, please see "Individualized Remediation Plans" in Shasta College's TEAS Policy and TEAS Procedure.

Scores will also be used to assist the college in evaluating future use of the test and to establish a local cut score for future program applicants.

Scoring Parameters
A composite score of 62% has been established by the CCCCO as the “passing” score or “cut score” through a statistical analysis of past performance of associate degree nursing students in 20 state programs.  Different scores are set by CSU and individual programs according to local analysis.

Test Dates
Students will be informed via email 6–12 months prior to when it is anticipated they will enter the ADN program to arrange to take their TEAS.

TEAS are scheduled by appointment at Shasta College Assessment Center, 100 building on the main college campus at 11555 Old Oregon Trail, Redding, CA 96049.

To make an appointment, call the Assessment Center to arrange testing at 530-242-7751.  Let them know that you are on the nursing Wait List and have been notified by the Health Sciences office to complete your TEAS Assessment.

Test Features
TEAS is a computerized, on line, proctored test.  It will take approximately 4 hours to complete.  It consists of 170 questions evaluating students in the basic skills of Reading, Math, Science and English.  It is written at the 10-12th grade level and through review of the data, demonstrates a positive correlation with success in nursing programs.

Test Cost

  • There is no charge for students notified by the Shasta College Associate Degree Nursing program to take the TEAS for pre-requisite requirement.
  • For students wishing to take the TEAS for entry into another college, there will be a test fee to ATI and a proctor fee to Shasta College.
  • Following completed remediation, applicants will be required to retest at their own cost.

Test Results
All attempts and when test was last taken are included with the reported test results and only the 1st results within a 12-month period are utilized for pre-admission assessment.  Therefore, there is no need for multiple testing.

If a student has taken TEAS at another testing site, they will be advised to request their previous scores be sent to Shasta College from ATI online at  ATI will charge a transcript fee to be paid by the student.

Test Study Guide & Practice Tests 
Study materials and online practice assessment tests are available from ATI on line at or by mail.  The student is responsible for the cost of the study materials and any online practice assessments. 


Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC
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Call 1-800-667-7531

Enrollment Criteria

Application/Enrollment Process 


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