Associate Degree Nursing (RN)
COURSE CHALLENGE - 1st or 2nd Semester

First semester and Second semester of the Associate of Science Degree Program may be challenged at Shasta College by qualified students. The Third and Fourth Semesters are necessary to fulfill the residency requirement for Shasta College’s Associate Degree. Each semester consists of two or more Associate of Science Degree (REGN) courses. To successfully complete a Semester Challenge, all courses must be successfully challenged in the challenged semester. 
A qualified applicant must meet all pre-requisite ADN graduation requirements and have successfully completed previous related educational programs or course work. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit proof of eligibility and supporting materials.  Applicants who desire Advanced Placement in the ADN program must be invited to enroll and have registered for the first semester before the Challenge is initiated.

Categories of qualified applicants that may seek Advanced Placement through the Challenge Procedure include:

  • Licensed Vocational Nurses seeking to advance their training to Associate Degree of Science and their licensure to Registered Nursing
  • Transfer applicants – from another ADN or BSN nursing program
  • Registered Nurses seeking an Associate Degree in Science
  • Ancillary licensed/trained applicants – this category includes Armed Services Medical Personnel

The same grading policy is applied to challenge examinations as for course work in the nursing program.  Clinical skills testing follows the pattern used for clinical competency in the particular area being challenged. The nature of the challenge examinations for theory and clinical proficiency will be determined by the appropriate faculty and will vary with the particular course’s clinical expectancies.

With successful completion of the semester Challenge, the student’s class position will be held for the student in the next semester's courses.

If the student does not successfully pass the Challenge Examinations, the Challenge is effectively completed and the student will resume all class activities for the duration of the courses.

For eligibility requirements and process, students should review the Course Challenge section of the  ADN Enrollment Practice Policy

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