Associate Degree Nursing (RN)

Students in the Associate Degree Nursing (RN) program will be required to successfully complete the following nursing courses in progressive order in order to graduate and apply to take the NCLEX-RN exam for licensure. 


​​ADN Core Courses​​​ ​ ​
REGN 15​ Health & Illness I 6.5
REGN 15P​ ​Professional Nursing Practicum I ​5.5
REGN 25​ ​Health & Illness II ​6.5
REGN 25P ​Professional Nursing Practicum II ​5.5
​REGN 35 ​Health & Illness III ​3.5
​​REGN 35P​ ​Professional Nursing Practicum III ​2.5
REGN 36​ ​Child & Adolescent Care ​2.5
​REGN 36P ​Professional Nursing Practicum: Child & Adolescent Care 1.5​
​REGN 37 ​Maternal & Infant Care 1.5​
​REGN 37P ​Professional Nursing Practicum: Maternal & Infant Care 1.5​
​REGN 33 ​Theoretical Concepts Mental Health/Community-Based Nursing & Medical/Surgical Nursing II 6​
​REGN 34 ​Clinical Concepts Mental Health/Community-Based Nursing & Medical/Surgical Nursing II 6​
​​​Total Units​ ​


NOTE:  In order to progress through the nursing courses, students must demonstrate competence in both the theory and clinical components. Failing or Withdrawing from any one of the semester’s co-requisite courses requires withdrawal from all of that semester’s co-requisite courses.

Students with previous nursing education who have been enrolled in a class will be given the opportunity to receive units and credit toward completion of the A.S. degree program by challenge in theory and clinical performance (this is only after being enrolled in the class). 

LVNs may elect to take a non-degree program under the BRN regulation 1429 – the 30 unit option.  This consists of twenty (20) units in nursing and ten (10) units of related science.  REGN 20X, REGN 21X, REGN 33X, and REGN 34X are the required 20 units of nursing plus microbiology and physiology the required 10 units of science.  Students must see the nursing program director if considering this option.

Graduation Requirements:
Completion of the humanities requirement and the mathematics competency requirement for the Associate in Science Degree are required prior to enrollment ​into the 1st semester of the ADN program.



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