Health Sciences Nursing Programs
Course Withdrawal

Any student who wishes to withdrawal from any of the ADN or Vocational nursing program courses requires concurrent withdrawal from co-requisite course(s).

Instructor Initiated Drop

An instructor initiated drop will occur in all ADN or Vocational nursing courses when four class sessions have been missed in any one course.  For example, if you have two days a week of theory the drop occurs with the fourth theory absence.  A student who receives an instructor initiated drop in one course will need to withdraw from any co-requisite course(s).

Withdrawal Procedure

A student who withdraws from any nursing course must also withdraw from the co-requisite course(s). Students may withdraw from a class after the official “drop” date and up through the fourteenth week or 75% of the term for classes less than a semester in length. The notation “W” will appear on the student’s transcript and will not be used in calculation of grade point average.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain forms and submit the necessary paperwork to withdraw from class(es).  Forms are available from Admissions and Records, Extended Education Centers, by mail, or online.  Students who have not dropped or withdrawn from a class before the end of the fourteenth week or 75% of the term will be assigned a course grade. Students receiving a “W” who want to return to the ADN or Vocational Nursing program must apply for the re-enrollment according to the program re-enrollment policy.

Course Repetition

Repetition of a college course is restricted and shall occur only under the following conditions:

  • "W" Grade:  A student who receives a "W" may repeat the course one time.
  • "F" Grade:  A student receiving a D, F or NC grade in a course may repeat a general education/prerequisite course one time for the ADN program.
  • Course Repetition due to a significant lapse of time (college policy):  when there has been a significant lapse of time, defined as 5 years, since a student obtained a satisfactory grade (A, B, or C) in a course, the student may petition the Scholastic Standards Committee to repeat the course.

Decisions of the Scholastic Standards Committee may be appealed to the Superintendent/President. When a course is repeated under this provision, the grade awarded shall not be calculated in the student’s grade point average.

Extenuating Circumstances

Students, who must withdraw from college after the fourteenth week of class (75% of the term for classes less than a full term) because of extenuating circumstances, verifiable cases of accidents/illnesses, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student, may petition the Scholastic Standards Committee for authorized withdrawals from their classes.  Petitions are available in the Admissions and Records Office.


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