Vocational Nursing (LVN)
Clinical Skills Laboratory Practice Standards

The Clinical Skills Laboratory (CSL) makes available the opportunity for the student to learn and practice basic skills in preparation for the administration of quality care to the consumer. The lab setting contains updated learning resources such as audiovisual equipment, scientific charts and models, and disposable and non-disposable supplies utilized in patient care. The lab can provide a simulated hospital and clinical environment with various equipment and life size manikins to simulate patient care situations. Assigned time in the CSL is considered clinical experience.

Dress Standard – Clinical Skills Lab
CSL assignments include activities such as climbing in and out of bed, exposing parts of the body for assessment, and working in close proximity to other students. Recommended dress includes clothing which allows comfort during physical activity and consideration for modesty of all participants. Scrubs are acceptable attire in the CSL.  Individual faculty (course sections) may require students in the CSL to wear their Shasta College uniform (Student Dress Code Standard​).

Body Fluids CSL Standards  
No procedure will be carried out in the CSL or the classroom which involves body fluids (example: blood with blood glucose monitor or urine for sugar and acetone testing).  The skin will not be purposefully broken for any procedure (example: finger stick for blood glucose monitor or injection technique).  Procedures that involve the use of body fluids (urine, blood, etc.) will be conducted with simulated fluids. Invasive tests and/or procedures that require puncturing the skin will be simulated using appropriate fluids and manikins.