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Course Repetition for Legally-Mandated Training

When course repetition is necessary for a student to meet a legally mandated training requirement as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment, the district may claim state apportionment each time the student repeats the course. (§58161)

An  Application to Repeat a Course for Legally Mandated Training must be completed and submitted to the Admissions and Records Office for verification of information and processing. An instructional dean's signature is not required on this form. 

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Field Trips 

Field trips will only be authorized if required to satisfy objectives of the official course outline on record.
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TBA Hours 

TBA hours should be used very sparingly and can only be used for lab hours.  Lecture can never be accomodated through TBA hours.  TBA hours must be documented and all hours must be under the immediate supervision and control of the named instructor.  In addition, adjunct faculty or part-time permanent faculty cannot be assigned TBA hours because of load related issues.  In the event TBA hours are necessary, the following forms must be completed and submitted to Admissions and Records.

Courses in which all hours are TBA: 

The student will be required to complete the  Documentation of Hours for TBA Sections Form and submit the form together with a registration for or over-enrollment card to the Admissions Office.

 Courses in which a portion of the hours are TBA: 

All instructors with ANY section that includes TBA hours will ensure that the  TBA Tracking Form is completed for each student enrolled.  The individual student will verify, by signature, that the TBA hours designated do not conflict and/or overlap with any other section they are registered in for that semester.

Completed forms will be kept on file at the Division Office for the duration of the semester.  After the end of the semester, all completed forms will be forwarded to the Admissions and Records Office for storage and auditing purposes.