Frequently Asked Questions 

For more information about these or any other questions you may have, please contact us directly. 

  • How do I get a Library Card?
    The Library has several ways for patrons to obtain a library card, including options for community members. Visit the Apply for a Library Card page for specific details.

  • How do I find books and other materials?
    You can search through the Library's collection of books by using the Find Books & More link at left. We also have videos, DVDs, and magazines listed in the catalog.

  • What is Library of Congress Classification?
    Like most college and research libraries in the United States, the Shasta College Library employs the Library of Congress Classification system to organize books and videos by subject areas in its Reference and Stacks (also known as Circulating) collections. For a brief overview of this system, visit Understanding Library of Congress Call Numbers.
  • How do I get materials to a Distance Education site?
    Materials can be sent to Distance Campuses at Tehama, Trinity, Intermountain, or the HSUC. Follow the Request Materials instruction page for making these requests.

  • How long can I borrow a book?
    View our Borrowing Policies for details.

  • What is my Library User ID and PIN? Why do I need them?
    • Your Library User ID is the 14 digit number found on the back of your library card. It is used for accessing online materials from off campus, signing into your library Account. (Available from the Library Catalog at the top of the screen in the gray bar). 
    • Your four digit PIN is your birth month and date (for example, if you w​ere born on April 7 your PIN would be 0407). It is possible for you to change your PIN to another four digit number, however, your PIN will be reset to your birth month and date each time you change your status (add/drop a class, change of address, etc.) at Shasta College.
  • Where can I find the reserve materials that my instructor assigned me to read?
    Go to the Library Home page and click the link marked "Reserves," located in the middle of the green toolbar on the left. You can search for reserve materials by instructor, course number, or course name. Get the call number for your reserve item and bring it to the Circulation Desk where a staff member will assist you.

  • Can I find a copy of my textbook in the library?
    The Library has copies of some, but not all, course textbooks. See the item above about reserve materials.
  • Does the Library charge a fine for overdue materials?
    Yes, fines are charged for overdue materials to encourage their prompt return and availability to others. View our Borrowing Policies for more information.
  • Can I renew my books online?
    Yes, you may renew your books online via the Library Catalog by clicking on "My Account" located on a menu bar near the top of the screen. Note: There is only one renewal per item. You will not be able to renew your books if they are overdue, if you have any outstanding fines, or if they have been placed on HOLD by another  patron.
    • Click on  “Renew My Material.”  Then…
    • Enter your “User ID” (the 14-digit barcode # on the back of your library card, with no spaces).  Then…
    • Click on or Tab to “PIN” and enter your birth month and day (e.g., 0220 for Feb. 20).  Then…
    • Click on “List Charged Items” at the bottom of the screen.  Then…
    • Click on the materials you wish to renew…
    • Click on “Renew Selected Items.”
      The next screen shows how many items have been renewed. You can print this information as a receipt.

  • When is the Library open? 
  • Can I donate books or other materials to the Library?
    Yes, the Library gratefully accepts donated materials provided they meet certain criteria. Please see our Collection Development page for details.
  • Where are the magazines, periodicals and journals located?
    For access to online journals and magazines visit the Articles & Databases page. The Library also has subscriptions to several hundred printed magazines and newspapers. New editions are in the center of the main library and older editions are arranged alphabetically in the northwest corner of the building. The Library also has microforms of selected older periodicals and microform readers near the Circulation desk. Ask a staff member for assistance.

  • How can I use a computer?
    Library computers are first come first serve but academic work takes priority. This means that students playing games or using social media (eg. Facebook) can be asked to give up computers for other students to work. All of our computer workstations have Internet access or you can bring your laptop and use wireless access throughout the building. Library computer access is free of charge but users must adhere to any college usage policies. 

  • How can I learn how to use the Internet?
    A staff member can give you some initial assistance. The Internet itself offers dozens of tutorials that show you how to use this powerful resource, including this search tutorial from UC Berkeley. If you are looking for a classroom learning experience, check the Schedule of Classes for class listings of interest.

  • Can I access the Library's catalog on my home computer?
    Yes, the Library Catalog is available via the Internet and includes listings of all our on-site holdings, plus over 24,000 online eBooks.
  • Can I access the catalogs from other libraries?
    Yes, most libraries now offer access to their online catalogs via the Internet. See the Library's Local Links page.
  • Can I print or make copies in the Library? How much does it cost?
    • A printing account is required to print from computers; copies may be made with or without an account.
    • Black and white prints and copies cost 10 cents per page.
    • Color printing costs 50 cents per page and color copies are 25 cents per page.
    • Printing from personal laptops is available to patrons with a printing account in the Library.
    • Get more detailed information about printing accounts and copying at our Print Services page.
  • Does the Library have a FAX machine or scanner for patrons to use?
    • A FAX machine is located near the photocopiers, beside the Reference Desk. Patrons may send and/or receive a FAX on campus; there is currently no cost for the service.
    • There are two scanners, one in the reference area and one in the LIC. Instructions are posted beside each scanner for your convenience.  
  • Where can a group study together?
    Please visit the Library Spaces page for information about quiet study areas.

  • How do I get a book or article which the Library does not have? How long does it take?
    The Library can acquire material for you through a process known as Interlibrary Loan (ILL). You can fill out an ILL form at the Reference Desk or choose the Borrow from Other Libraries link from our main menu. Allow up to three weeks for delivery. A staff member will contact you when your ILL book or article arrives.  

  • How do I recommend the purchase of a book, video, journal, online database, or other resource?
    Contact any staff member. The majority of our selections come as a result of faculty, staff, and student input. You may also submit recommendations online using the Recommend New Materials form.