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                How to find textbooks and/or class material on Reserve:

1. Type the instructor’s LAST name, course name, or course number in the search box, then click on the method you’re searching by (instructor’s name, course name, or course number).

2.  Select the appropriate instructor name, course number, etc. you are looking for.

3.  Write down the call number for the item. This number usually begins with PCX, but it may begin with something different.

4. Take Call Number and your library card to the Circulation Desk to check out material.

            Additional course Reserves/textbook information:

  • The Reserves Desk, located behind Circulation, houses material instructors have set aside for special, limited-time use.
  • Most Reserve items stay in the library, and are typically checked out for 2 hours. Some are allowed to be checked out overnight, or for 1 week, per instructor's decision. 
  • Reserves cannot be renewed.
  • There is a waiting period of one (1) hour before rechecking out hourly materials and twenty-four (24) hours for overnight or weekly materials.

  • Fees begin to accrue immediately after due date and time.                                                                       
    • Fines for 2 hour Reserves are 25 cents an hour.                                                                    
    • Fines for Overnight Reserves are $2.00 a day.
  • The borrower is responsible for overdue fines, missing and/or damaged materials.