Library Course Reserve

Course Reserve is comprised of materials lent from instructors, materials in the Library’s permanent collection and, on a limited basis, materials purchased by the Library to be placed on Course Reserve.

  • Instructors are encouraged, but not required to, lend or donate assigned texts and materials to the library for Course Reserve
    • Download the form here and send your completed form and item(s) to the Library using campus mail.
    • Or bring in your materials to the Circulation Desk in the Library with the completed form. Forms are also available at the Circulation Desk and can be completed upon submission of materials. 
    • The Library has some assigned textbooks and DVDs in its permanent collection which can be reassigned to Course Reserve. Please check the Library Catalog for the item to be placed on Reserve. If the item is currently checked out, please allow up to three weeks for the item to be available for your students. Click here to request that Library materials be put on Reserve.
    • Materials are processed in the order received. Please bring them in one week before classes start to guarantee availability the first week of the semester.
    • ​Once the semester has begun, please allow 3 business days for processing.
Note: All reprinted or copied materials must comply with copyright law. DVDs and VHS tapes must be closed captioned. The Library is not responsible for replacement of damaged or lost personal copies. Personal materials will have a security strip, call number label, and barcode attached to the item. 
  • Course Reserve is not a permanent collection
    • Please review your Course Reserve at the end of the semester and inform Alison Wood of those items that should remain on Course Reserve and those items that should be removed. ​Click here to fill out a Reserve Removal Request form.
    • Personal materials are either returned to the instructor or donated to the Library's permanent collection when no longer needed for Course Reserve.
    • The Library reserves the right to return or remove a Course Reserve that has little or no activity.  
For more information or assistance with Course Reserve, please contact Carolyn Singh at: (530) 242-2347 or email at: