​Meet the Students

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Back row:Joshua Yi, Maize Bonsey ,Karah Harbuck, Alison Woods-KRCR, Chloe Greve, Jenny Brewe​r​, Mai Yang, Kirsten Elwick, ​Heather WylieFront row: Monica Perry, Allison Murphy, Sophia Rodriguez, Valerie Amos, Jenny Espino-Record Seartchlight, Doni Chamberlain-aNewsCafe, Caitlyn Khanthavong, Katie Leach-Librarian.                                

 Monica Perry 

My name is Monica Perry. Currently a student at Shasta College, I intend to major in Asian Studies upon transfer to UC. Though I have yet to pin down a career goal, I hope to spend a lot of time traveling and broadening my perspective of the world. This project has been a wonderful way of connecting and becoming more connected to our local neighborhood. Hopefully it will aid in the healing and forward movement of the frayed community.​

Kirsten Elwick
My name is Kirsten Elwick and I am 2nd year student at Shasta Community College. I Hope to transfer in a year to a UC in Southern California to continue my studies in Near East Middle Eastern Studies. I absolutely love Redding and the community here, this is home for me and will always be. ​

Joshua Yi

My name is Joshua Yi. I am a sophomore at Shasta, majoring in Political Science. I am originally from New York that happened to land at Redding to do a two-year community college. As I am wrapping up my final year at Shasta, I am excited and looking forward to what lies ahead. I love to play guitar, learning new things, and the city! 

Valeri Amos


My name is Valeri Amos, I started Shasta College in the spring of 2016 to become a counselor for foster youth. I decided to go into this field because of being a foster youth myself and aging out of the system. My goals are to finish Shasta College in the fall of 2019 and go on to Chico State to finish my degree.

Karah Harbuck

 My name is Karah Harbuck; I'm 18 years old and will be graduating Shasta College in the spring of 2019 with AA degrees in Sociology, Humanities, and English. This project was a foot-in-the-door for the career field I plan on going into: journalism and documentary film-making. I hope that, following my graduation from Humboldt with a degree in English and Film in my belt, I will be able to pursue this field and advocate for those whose voices are less heard. ​

Maizie Bonsey

My name is Maizie Bonsey.  My major is biological sciences and I plan to work in the medical field. This reflection on the Carr Fire has showed me that this community is strong and able to overcome anything. The Carr Fire impacted and was a setback for so many members of the community but has strengthened it.

Chloe Greve

Hi, my name is Chloe Greve. I’m 17 and headed to the University of Idaho next fall. I hope to be an elementary school teacher, and be one of the teacher who actually make a difference in a students life. I think that this project and learning about sociology is an important part of not only journalism but will be benificial in my career as a teacher. 

Alison Murphy 

Alison Murphy is a 44 year old displaced homemaker, majoring in social work. She lives in Redding and attends Shasta College while wrangling six homeschooled children. This journalism project was a life-changing opportunity to apply her writing skills, learn about journalism and interview techniques, and be part of a movement towards social change, in this case, seeking to inform people about the benefits and necessity of prescribed burning in the wake of multiple mega-fires.

  Maisee Yang

My name is Maisee Yang. I am a second year student at Shasta College and hope to transfer to a larger university in this upcoming year. I'm majoring in dental hygiene and plan on becoming a dental hygienist some day.

 Not pictured: Alexis Barker, Sophia Rodriguez, Caitlin Khanthavong