The Shasta College Library Print Account Information

Patrons wishing to print from library computers must set up a Print Account at a self service Print Services Kiosk near the reference desk.  These accounts can be used for printing or copies in either black and white or color. Once an account has been set up, your account ID and password can be used in the Library or in the Learning Resource Center computer labs.

  • To set up a print account, follow the easy instructions at the Print Services Kiosks. The process only takes a moment.
  • Be sure to record your account number and PIN. Print accounts do not expire and funds will remain on your account from semester to semester.
  • While library staff can help try to recover account information, this process requires extra time and should not take the place of remembering your own account details.
  • Two of our copiers are also coin operated and can be operated without a print account.
  • Printing from personal laptops is available within the Library with a Print Account. See the Reference desk for assistance.

Funds can be added to each account as often as needed by using the Print Services Kiosk located in front of the reference desk (make sure to use the correct kiosk machine for using bills or coins). Funds will be deducted from your account each time you print or use copiers.

There is a charge of 10¢ per page for black and white printing or copying.

Color prints cost 50¢ per page. Color copies are 25¢ per page. (Please note the difference in cost between color printing and copying)
Our copiers and printers are designed only for color text and light graphics. These are NOT photo quality machines.

Special note on copy machines:
Since many patrons use these machines every day, they require frequent service. Please plan ahead in case machines are out of order or being serviced.