Place a Hold for a Checked Out Item to Be Sent to a Distance Education Site or the Downtown Campus

To place a HOLD for an item:

  • Find the item in the Library Catalog.
  • Click on Place Hold to the left of the item information.  
  • Enter your Library card number or Student ID.
  • Fill in PIN# (birth month and day e.g. Oct. 9 would be 1009).
  • If there are multiple volumes or issues, select the appropriate item.
  • Select your campus and the date you need the item by.
  • Click on the Place Hold button.
  • The screen will display the message “Hold Placed: Title, author and location number."

To check on the status of your HOLD:

  • Select My Account. (Available from the Library Catalog at the top of the screen in the gray bar).​
  • Select Review My Account.
  • Type in your "user ID."  Enter your PIN #.
  • Click on Display User Information.
  • Scroll down to the HOLD information to check on the current status of your hold.
  • You may also cancel a HOLD by going to Review My Account.

Ensuring your HOLD gets to your site:

  • Reply immediately to your site secretary when you are notified (with an account message, email, or regular mail) that material is available.  
  • In your reply, you must identify yourself by name and give your site location.
  • Without your response, material will not be sent to your Distance Education site.


  • You cannot put a HOLD on materials with the location MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS, ONLINE, REFERENCE, or RESERVE.
  • Materials cannot be sent to persons who owe fines or have overdue materials