Collection Development

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to recommend new materials for purchase. 

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Collection Development Policy information:

Please also see our Textbook Policies page for more information.

Selection Criteria 

Acquisition priorities are outlined in the Shasta College Board of Trustees-approved selection policy, BP 4040.  Library materials should:
  1. Support the curriculum with resource materials to supplement the classroom experience.
  2. Help further the development of college students intellectually, socially, and spiritually.
  3. Provide reference and resource materials for the entire adult community of Shasta, Tehama & Trinity Counties.
The following criteria are considered when deciding to add materials to the collection. These questions are asked whether we purchase the material or are considering a gift to the collection:
1. Does the material contribute to the curriculum?
2. Does it offer resource material to faculty, students, or the adult community?
3. Is the format suitable? (Books should be attractive; pagination should be legible with adequate margins on good quality paper, etc. Avoid “orphan” or legacy formats.)
4. Is the subject matter valid, accurate, and applicable to undergraduate work?
5. Does the material have literary merit?
6. Is the material consistent with the maturity level of community college students?
7. Will it appeal to the persons for whom it is intended?
8. Is additional material of this type needed in the Library at this time?
9. Will it be utilized to its full potential?
10. Is the material up-to-date?
11. Does it provide for the varied educational interests of a student, or tend to develop and enrich his life?
12. Is the material of lasting value?
13. Does it maintain a balance and proportion to the Library collection as a whole?
14. Is it available from another local source?
15. Is the price in line with the quality of material presented and with what the Library can afford?
16. Is the author competent and qualified in his field?

Gift Policies

Gifts in good, clean condition are welcome and will be added to the collection provided they comply with the Library’s selection criteria. Materials which, in the judgment of the librarian, do not meet these criteria will either be returned to the donor should he specify this at the time of the donation or be disposed of in an acceptable manner. Library staff cannot legally evaluate gifts for tax or inheritance purposes. Donors should discuss this issue with their accountant.

Controversial Materials

In accordance with the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, the Library supports the reader's right to choose. The Library makes every effort to represent various sides of controversial issues in the selection process.

Weeding Outdated Materials

Removing outdated materials from the Library is an important part of maintaining a useful and viable Library collection. Faculty are encouraged to help Library staff in the process of identifying items that are outdated or no longer useful. We welcome your suggestions regarding individual items and encourage you to routinely evaluate the materials in your area of expertise.  Instructors are the best curators of materials for their students.