Textbook Policy

Availability of assigned texts and materials in the Library allows students to stretch their personal textbook budgets and supports student success. Instructors are encouraged to place a review copy or an extra copy of their textbooks on Course Reserve if they wish. Click Here to get more information on Course Reserve.
It is the general policy of the Library not to use Library funds to purchase currently required textbooks. Exceptions may be made if the textbook is a “classic” in the field, or if the usefulness of the information will outlive the current course offerings. This determination will be made by the Collection Development Librarian. The rationale for the above policy is explained in the Board-approved selection policy, which states that our primary goal is to enrich the curriculum. Therefore, our materials should augment and supplement your teaching, not provide the primary curriculum materials. Additional points to consider include:
  • Having a required textbook implies heavy emphasis on it in the course assignments. A Library copy is not always available due to Library hours or if another student is using it. Therefore a student who relies on this copy could potentially have problems staying abreast of assignments.
  • Textbooks fill a special need in the classroom, but are often neither the best reference source for the information, nor the most readable. In particular, lab notebooks, exercise books and workbooks create special problems for a Library collection.
  • It is not economically feasible to buy even a modest proportion of the many required textbooks out of our limited funds. Textbooks are changed frequently; it would take a disproportionate amount of our discretionary budget to keep up-to-date.
When funds are available, the Library may purchase required course texts and materials for Course Reserve. To recommend new Library Materials, complete this form or contact Carolyn Singh, (530) 242-2347, or email at: csingh@shastac​ollege.edu.
Preference for Library Purchase of texts and audiovisuals intended for Course Reserve is give to those items that:
  • Are assigned to multiple sections of a course for multiple semesters
  • Are available as eBooks or streaming video
  • Will have lasting value in the Library's permanent collection