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Course Number and Name
PDF Guides
 AGEH; Ornamental Horticulture   Susan Libonati
AGNR 6: Native Plant Identification   Julie Nelson
BUAD 48; Grant Funding
  Lori Juszak
CMST 40; Argumentation and Debate
  Robb Lightfoot 
COM 21; Multimedia Authoring
  Robb Lightfoot 
ECE 1; Human Development
  Carol Rupe
ECE 12; Infant Toddler Learning
Scholarly Articles on Early Childhood Development and Education
Susan Thompson
ENGL 36; Children's Literature
  Catherine Posey
FSS 46; Personal Finance
  Tracy Ray
GEOG 8; World Regional Geography
  Dan Scollon
HIST 1A; History of Western Civilization
Scholarly and primary Resources in Support of World History

HIST 35; History of Mexican-Americans
  Chris Rodriguez
Math 101, 110, 14; Algebra, Essential Math, Statistics     
MUS 10; Music Appreciation
  Richard Fiske
Dennis Weber
PSYC 1A; General Psychology
Scholarly Resources in Psychology
Alan Spivey
PSYC 15; Social Psychology
Scholarly Articles on Individualism and Collectivism
Keith Foust
SL 90, 91, 92; American Sign Language
  Brenda Becker,
Toni Cancilla
SOC 3; Sociology of Gender
Scholarly Resources in Sociology
Heather Wylie