Degrees and Certificates

Shasta College offers more than 100 Associate Degrees and certificates, as well as other training opportunities through individual classes or through our Community Education and Contract Education programs.

Each year, approximately 850 degrees and certificates are earned by students through Shasta College.

Associate Degree Requirements

Shasta College awards both the Associate in Arts degree and the Associate in Science degree.  The College also offers several Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT). Students who are awarded these degrees are guaranteed admission with junior standing somewhere in the CSU system and given priority admission consideration to their local CSU campus or to a program that is deemed similar to their community college major.  See the course catalog for more information.

Legend:  C = Certificate | AS = Associate of Science | AA = Associate of Arts |
ADT = Associate Degree for Transfer
collapse Discipline : Administration of Justice ‎(1)
Administration of JusticeAdministration of JusticeASADT
collapse Discipline : Agriculture ‎(15)
AgricultureAgricultural BusinessAS
AgricultureEquipment Operations and MaintenanceC
AgricultureForest Science and TechnologyAS
AgricultureHorticulture - Retail Nursery SalesC
AgricultureHorticulture -IrrigationC
AgricultureHorticulture-Landscape and Turf ManagementC
AgriculturePest Control Advisor PreparationC
AgricultureAgriculture SciencesAA
AgricultureAgriculture TradesAS
AgricultureEnvironmental HorticultureAS
AgricultureHorticulture and LandscapingAS
AgricultureNatural ResourcesCAS
AgricultureSustainable Agriculture ScienceAS
AgricultureWater/Waste Water TreatmentC
AgricultureWatershed RestorationC
collapse Discipline : Arts ‎(5)
ArtsStudio ArtsADT
ArtsTheatre ArtsADT
ArtsDigital Art and DesignC
collapse Discipline : Associate Degree for Transfer ‎(16)
Associate Degree for TransferAdministration of JusticeADT
Associate Degree for TransferBusiness AdministrationADT
Associate Degree for TransferCommunication StudiesADT
Associate Degree for TransferEarly Childhood EducationADT
Associate Degree for TransferEnglishADT
Associate Degree for TransferGeologyADT
Associate Degree for TransferKinesiologyADT
Associate Degree for TransferMathematicsADT
Associate Degree for TransferMusicADT
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