Shasta College 2014-15 Catalog

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Chapter 1 - The College​

Governing Board, Mission Statement, Table of Contents, Administrative Staff, College Calendar, Brief History, Motor Vehicles on Campus, EWD, Crime Statistics, Extended Education, Field Trips and Excursions, Foundation, Open Access Policy, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education, Transportation, Unlawful Discrimination Policy

Chapter 2 - Admissions and Enrollment Information

Admissions, Auditing a Course, Continuing Students, Upper Division Work, Dropping a Class Without Record, First-Time Students, International Students, Prerequisites, Corequisites, Limitations on Enrollment and Advisories, Prerequisite/Corequisite Challenge Procedure, Registration and Related Fees, Residency, Special Admits, California Nonresident Tuition Exemption

Chapter 3 - Finance

Debts Owed to the College, Financial Aid for Enrollment Fees, Financial Aid/Scholarships

Chapter 4 - Grading and Academic Standards - Grading and Academic Standards

Audit, Pass/No Pass Policy, Grading Definitions, Grading, Non-Traditional Ways to Earn Credit, Repetition of a Course, Scholastic Deficiency, Standards for Academic Dismissal, Withdrawing From a Class with a "W" Grade

Chapter 5 - Degrees and Certificates​​​​​​

Associate Degree Requirements, Certificates, Associate Degree - General Education, Associate Degree General Studies Areas of Emphases, CSU - General Education, IGETC, Associate of Arts - University Studies Areas of Emphases, Shasta College Degrees and Certificates

Chapter 6 - Course Descriptions​

Chapter 7 - Students Rights and Responsibilites

Academic Freedom, Academic Honesty, Academic Renewal, Attendance Policy, Equal Opportunity, Extenuating Circumstances (Withdrawal), Smoking and Tobacco Use Restrictions, Student Equity Policy, Student Records, Student Standards of Conduct, Student Discipline Sanctions, Student Discipline Responsibility, Student Disciplinary Hearings and Review, Student Grievance Policy and Procedure, Student Computer Technology Access, Student Designated Free Speech Area

Chapter 8 - Services for Students, Special Programs and Student Life

Chapter 9 - Academic Staff and Emeritus

Chapter 10 - Glossary of College Terms