Adaptive Studies

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Adaptive Studies (ADAP) courses are designed to meet the specialized academic needs of students with disabilities.  For more on services available to disabled students, please visit the DSPS home.

Transition Certificate for Students with Disabilities
This curriculum is designed to provide an integrated and inclusive educational
option, in a post-secondary setting, structured to equip each student for a
more meaningful style of participation in community, vocational and
independent living settings. Units
ADAP 210 Career Planning and Development 1
ADAP 254 Adapted Computer Skills (two semesters) 2
ADAP 255 Human Awareness and Life Skills 2
ADAP 256 Reading/Writing for Life Skills (2 semesters) (4 units)
OR 4-5
ADAP 256 Reading & Writing for Life Skills (2)
AND ENGL 260 Elements of Reading (3)
ADAP 258 Mathematics for Life Skills (2 semesters) (4)
OR 4-5
ADAP 258 Mathematics for Life Skills (2)
AND MATH 220 Basic Math (3)