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ENGL-101ACollege Composition Lab1 Y 54 
ENGL-10AWorld Literature (to 1650)3 Y54  
ENGL-10BWorld Literature (after 1500)3 Y54  
ENGL-11ASurvey American Lit-Precolonial to 18603 Y54  
ENGL-11BSurvey American Lit-1860 to Present3 Y54  
ENGL-129Grammar Rev I: Corr/Effect Sentences1 Y18  
ENGL-133Creative Writing for Personal Growth1 Y18  
ENGL-13ASurv of English Lit Through Neoclassism3 Y54  
ENGL-13BSurvey of English Lit-Romantic to Pres3 Y54  
ENGL-14A Survey of Drama As Literature3 Y54  
ENGL-15Literature by and About Women3 N54  
ENGL-16Poetry3 Y54  
ENGL-17Introduction to Shakespeare3 Y54  
ENGL-18African American Literature3 Y54  
ENGL-19Survey of Bible As Literature3 Y54  
ENGL-190Reading and Writing II4 N72  
ENGL-191Writing Workplace: Grammar-Context/Essay2 N36  
ENGL-192Writing in the Workplace: Narration1 N18  
ENGL-193Writing Workplace: Process/Report Writng1 N18  
ENGL-194Wrtng Wrkplc: Compar/Contrast/Bsc Argum1 N18  
ENGL-196Intensive Reading and Writing5 N90  
ENGL-1ACollege Composition4 N72  
ENGL-1AHCollege Composition - Honors4 N72  
ENGL-1BLiterature & Composition3 N54  
ENGL-1BHLiterature & Composition - Honors3 N54  
ENGL-1CCritical Reasoning, Reading and Writing3 N54  
ENGL-1CHCritical Reasoning, Reading and Writing3 N54  
ENGL-20World Mythology3 Y54  
ENGL-24Multicultural Perspectives/American Lit3 Y54  
ENGL-25Linguistics3 Y54  
ENGL-260Elements of Reading 2604 N5454 
ENGL-280Reading & Writing I4 Y72  
ENGL-31Creative Writing3 Y54  
ENGL-33Fiction and Film3 Y54  
ENGL-350Reading and Writing Foundations  Y 54 
ENGL-36Children's Literature3 Y54  
ENGL-382Reading & Writing Workshop  N 1 
ENGL-401Advanced Professional Writing3 Y54