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ESCI-1Physical Geology4 N5454 
ESCI-10Environmental Geology4 N5454 
ESCI-11Economic Geology3 N3654 
ESCI-12General Earth Science4 N5454 
ESCI-14Meteorology4 N5454 
ESCI-15Oceanography4 N5454 
ESCI-16Coastal Marine Sciences2 N36  
ESCI-16LCoastal Marine Sciences Laboratory1 Y 54 
ESCI-17Earth System Science3 N54  
ESCI-18Global Climate: Past/Present/Future3 N54  
ESCI-2Historical Geology4 N5454 
ESCI-23Introduction to Geology in the Field2 Y2727 
ESCI-3Mineralogy and Crystal Optics5 N54108 
ESCI-32Geology of the Northern Sierras1.5 Y1827 
ESCI-33Geology of the Sacramento Valley1.5 Y1827 
ESCI-34Geology of the Modoc Plateau1.5 Y1827 
ESCI-35Geology of Lassen Volcanic Park1.5 Y1827 
ESCI-36Geology of Mt. Shasta and Vicinity1.5 Y1827 
ESCI-37Geology of the Northern Califonia Coast1.5 Y1827 
ESCI-38Geology of Pt. Reyes National Seashore1.5 Y1827 
ESCI-4Rock Origins and Relationships4 N5454 
ESCI-42Geology of the Redding Area1 Y927 
ESCI-43Geology of the Shasta Lake Area1 Y927 
ESCI-44Geology of the Whiskeytown Area1 Y927 
ESCI-45Geology of Castle Craggs and Vicinity1 Y927 
ESCI-46Geology of Burney Falls and Vicinity1 Y927 
ESCI-6Ancient Life4 N5454 
ESCI-7Introduction to Geology of California4 N5454 
ESCI-8Planetary Geol; Dvlpmnt/Hist/Plan Prcess3 N54  
ESCI-9Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Other Geol Hazards3 N54  
ESCI-98Special Lab Topics in Earth Science.51N27