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GIS Certificate and A.S. Degree
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Spring 2015 
GIS Classes


Shasta College's GIS Program offers standalone courses, a 24-unit GIS Certificate and a 60-unit Associates of Science Degree in Applied GIS. Courses and degrees are designed to meet industry needs and pathways for university transfer. 

NOTE: All GIS courses are now found under the "GEOG" course prefix in Catalog and Schedule.


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GEOG 15 Remote Sensing Student Maps





GEOG 9: Map and Geo-spatial Principles             Lab : Tues 11- 2 pm; lecture online​

GEOG 10*: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Lab: Wed 2 – 5 pm; lecture online 
GEOG13^: Spatial Analysis (Late start: Feb. 22)
Lab: Monday 6 - 9 pm ; lecture online
GEOG 14^: GIS Cartography & Visualization
Lab : Tues 3 -6 pm; lecture online
GEOG 25: GIS Projects  (Late ​start: 2/18) 
Lab: Wed. 6 - 10 pm ; lecture online 

All courses listed are required for the 24-unit GIS Certificate and A.S. Degree
*GEOG 9 must be taken as pre-requisite or co-requisite
^ GEOG 10 must be completed as pre-requisite

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