​Welcome to Math Camp!


Math Camp is FREE!

Math Camp is a FREE four-day program for Shasta College students (incoming and continuing) designed to prepare students for their next math course. If you qualify for a 100-level or Statistics-level Math course, then Math Camp is for you!
-Spend time studying math in a friendly, no-stress environment 
-Learn how to study efficiently and prepare well for math tests. 
-Create a network of friends who will support you next fall.
-Acquire the skills and confidence you need to succeed at Shasta College.

This is a FREE program and FREE lunch will be served daily.
*Application has closed for Math Camp 2019*
​​*Students must commit to the entire week of Math Camp. 
​We look forward to seeing you at Math Camp!

More questions? Please call 530-242-7763 or e-mail us at TLC@shastacollege.edu.