ESL Non-academic Courses


ESL 236 ADVANCED (formerly ENGL 236) - 5 Units (P/PN Option)
Advisory: A grade of C or higher in ESL 234, or ESL Placement Level 6 or higher 
At this level, students develop the ability to understand and engage in extended conversations and discussions and communicate with increasing fluency and grammatical accuracy. This course stresses the language skills necessary for further academic study. Students read authentic materials beyond the familiar, develop academic vocabulary, and write paragraphs and short compositions.

ESL 234 INTERMEDIATE HIGH (formerly ENGL 234) - 5 Units (P/PN Option)
Advisory: A grade of C or higher in ESL 333, or ESL Placement Level 5 or higher
This course reviews and expands the intermediate language skills learned in the previous level. Students will develop the ability to communicate in oral and written English beyond the familiar. They will read authentic materials on everyday topics, identify the main ideas and draw conclusions, and write routine correspondence and brief compositions with increasing complexity.  

ESL 220 Oral Communication (formely ENGL 220) - 2 Units (P/PN Option)
Designed for the upper beginning to upper intermediate student of English as a Second Language. Major emphasis will be on refining and expanding the listening and speaking skills, aural-oral coping skills, and oral critical thingking and expression skills, which are necessary to function in routine social interactions, entry-level jobs, and/or further academic work.

ESL 247 Vocational Math (formerly ENGL 247) - 1 Units (P/PN Option)
A course designed to help ESL students develop math skills needed for entry level employment. The course will provide one-on-one tutoring in basic vocational math skills including: basic computation of whole numbers and fractions, order of operations, decimals, and percents; time lineal, weight and volume measurements (U.S. standard and metric), basic money skills graphs and calculator use.  

 ESL 249 Reading Lab (formerly ENGL 249) - 1 Units (P/PN Option Only)
 A course designed to help students with problems related to second language acquisition to improve their reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary skills. The course will provide one-on-one tutoring in reading related skills including symbol/sound relationships, sight word and spelling, and understanding at the concrete level. 

ESL 385 LITERACY (formerly ENGL 385) - 0 Units 
This course emphasizes aural-oral language skills and basic leteracy.