ESL 136 Oral Communication For College Success 4 Units
Advisory: A grade of C or higher in ESL 236 or ESL Placement Level 7 or higher
This is a course designed to assist non-native speakers of English build both fluency and accuracy in their listening and speaking skills. Activities integrating listening and pronunciation provide relevant practice necessary for business and academics. 

ESL 137 ESL Composition I   6 Units
Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in ESL 236 or ESL Placement Level 7 or higher               
This is an academic course for non-native speakers of English, designed to develop writing fluency. Emphasis is on writing short compositions, developing process writing skills and learning common methods of organization. This course includes an intensive review of English grammatical patterns. Development of these skills enhances students' fluency and proficiency in college-level writing.

ESL 138 Composition II   6 Units
Advisory: A "C" grade or better in ESL137 or ESL Placement Level 8 or higher
This is the second of two academic ESL writing courses designed to develop college level writing skills.  Emphasis is on writing longer compositions including expository, analytic and argumentative essays.  The course will also cover sentence structure as well as advanced grammatical patterns as they relate to refining writing skills.