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Welcome! Shasta College offers many opportunities to learn English,
as well as Spanish, 
Japanese, and French.  

For any questions you have, please call 

Student Success Center at 530.242.7671 or 530.242.7672.  

They can help you!

Student feedback form for compliments or concerns​

Learning Center -Student Feedback - Click Here

When you want to apply to be a student at Shasta College:

Step 1:  Go to: Click on "Admissions," click on "Apply for Admission."

Step 2:  Call the Assessment Office 530.242.7751.  Set up an appointment to take the ESL Assessment.  The college will tell you which class to take.

Step 3:  Call the Counseling Office 530.242.7724.  Set up an appointment with a Counselor to select classes.  Bilingual counselors are available.
Step 4:   Register for classes in MyShasta.

When you need help or want to connect with other language learners:

Writing Center, Building 700: Everyday from 8:00 am - 6:00  pm you can get help with writing papers, and reading comprehension from our tutors. You can also edit your work and print your draft.
Conversation Cafe: Fridays from 10am-1pm in Room 782 - help with speaking English, Japanese  or Spanish.
Language Lab: Monday- Thursday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM in Room 782 - help with learning English using special software and tutors. Come ask for help! Your tuition pays for extra help! Take advantage of it!

When you want to practice English, Spanish, and French or learn a brand new language on your own:


When you need help getting your GED  (Certificate of High School Equivalency):
  Click here  or Call Student  Success Center, Room 102, 530.242.7671 or 530.242.7672

When you need help with anything related to college:

Call Student Suc​cess Center 530.242.7671 or 530.242.7672 if you need information on how to get books, financial aid, classes, certificates, etc.

Important Phone Numbers:

Student Success Center, Room 102, 530.242.7671 or 530.242.7672

Writing Center, Room 749, 530.242.7589

Counseling Office, Room 126, 530.242.7724

Assessment Office, Room 2215, 530.242.7751​​​​​​​​​​