Embedded Tutor​ing​

What is Embedded Tutoring?
Embedded Tutoring is a resource for students in the classroom. A peer tutor is assigned to work with guidance of the instructor to help other fellow peers answer questions, tackle problems, gain clarification about textbook assignments, course content and concepts, and encourage use of learning resources and services in the Tutoring and Learning Centers (TLC) on campus.  

Embedded Tutoring Position Description

Embedded Tutoring - Employment Application

Are you looking for an opportunity to assist fellow peers in understanding course content?    

 Complete the application below.
Email or submit in person to:

TLC - Math and Business

James Raymer, jraymer@shastacollege.edu, Office 734 
 Jim Bigelow, jbigelow@shastacollege.edu, Office 743
Jim Dyar, jdyar@shastacollege.edu, Office 739
Dave Bradley, dbradley@shastacollege.edu, Office 739

What courses have Embedded Tutoring? 

 Courses offering Embedded Tutoring are listed below.  
Embedded Tutoring is offered in the location of the class. See course schedule. 

Spring 2020

​Information coming soon...​​​​​​