Links to Grammar and Writing Sites

The following grammar and writing resource sites are free of charge and offer useful help with many common grammar and writing topics. Some of the sites provide very helpful feedback in the form of interactive grammar quizzes; you may print useful handouts from other sites. Browse through the sites until you find the ones you think would be most helpful to you; then, further explore each site.



 Guide to Grammar and Writing
This is an excellent online grammar guide. Many, many topics are covered. There are mini-courses on grammar and mechanics and interactive grammar quizzes. You will need to use the Index to get to a topic you are interested in.

Grammar Bytes
This is an outstanding site – provides interactive exercises, is lively, clear, and easy to read -- includes an index to basic grammatical terms.

Guide to Grammar and Style by Jack Lynch
This is also an excellent site and includes (1) General help; (2) Grammar and Punctuation; and (3) Style. There is a great section here on transitions.

Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.

Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students  



Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation 


  Documenting Sources from the World Wide Web
This is the MLA’s official website. One of the Frequently Asked Questions About MLA Style is “How do I document sources from the World Wide Web in my Works Cited page?” Other questions answered on this page concern using angle brackets to enclose URL’s and documenting sources on the web that have no page numbers.





These sites provide a wide array of links to a variety of writing, composition, grammar, and literary topics – to get to know these sites, be sure to take time to browse through them. They are complex and encyclopedic.

OWL: Purdue University’s Online Writing Center
The premiere site for all types of information on composition, grammar, the Internet, resumes, and writing. Use the index to search for a topic. Handouts (up to 20) can be printed free if you are doing less than 200.

Guide to Grammar and Style by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University
This excellent site gives links to just about everything having to do with the English language, grammar, rhetoric, and all forms of writing.


Our library of texts may be used in the Writing Center. These books include the following:

*A Writer's Reference, 7th ed. Hacker, Sommers
* MLA Handbook by Joseph Gibaldi
* The Chicago Manual of Style
* The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
* The Everyday Writer by Andrea Lunsford
* Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences by Victoria McMillan
* How 9 Handbook for Office Workers  

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