Just around the Curve!

“These moments are the soul of baseball:  The ball perfectly hit, perfectly caught, or perfectly thrown... We can unwrap the moments later, when it’s quiet, and enjoy them all over again.”     Alison Gordon

The 2014 season will bring 29 men to play the greatest game of all.  This game brings out every emotion imaginable and, at the end, no matter how many wins and loses we endure, the honor of being a part of a team and getting the opportunity to compete will be a moment in their lives that they will cherish forever.  On behalf of the coaches and all of the players, I would like to thank all the supportive people in the community, as well as parents and support staff at Shasta College for helping us created a positive environment for the 2014 Knights.  So please, come out and enjoy the blue sky and the green grass.  We will provide the entertainment.
Coach Rupert
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