Shasta College is proud to announce that we are an Adidas     school!

Old oak becomes art! 


When the grounds crew had to cut down a diseased oak tree by our gym, the stump was saved and now proudly displays our new Shasta College logo. 

Tree carving by Jeff Dawson


 Auction 111.JPG


Winner of the 2015 Kia Optima is Arnold Goldberg! Ticket Number: 1935



 Knights Athletics Logo

Shasta College Gym 


Funded by proceeds from the Celebrity Dinner Auction! 

 Shasta College Gym Free Weights
Shasta College Gym Cardio EquipmentShasta College Gym Dumb bells                   
Mission Statement:
Intercollegiate athletics shall enhance the educational experience for students.  It is expected that intercollegiate athletics will be:   
Conducted in an enlightened academic atmosphere.  By all academic measures, student-athletes will perform at or above the level of the general student population.  The college community will demonstrate an understanding of the educational nature of participation in intercollegiate sport.  
Governed by all applicable regulation.  There is no athletic outcome that justifies the violation, in spirit or intent, of any institutional, conference, CCCAA, State or Federal, policy, regulation, or statute.   
Operated within all applicable guidelines to promote the health and secure the safety of all participants.  All athletic activities will be conducted in an environment designed to minimize associated risks and enhance the performance and enjoyment for participants and spectators.  
Organized to ensure the highest quality broad based athletic experience.  The intercollegiate athletics staff will provide leadership, direction and training that are well grounded in proven coaching theory. Competitive opportunities will correspond to the diverse interests of the student population at the Community College level of intercollegiate sport Practice and competition will optimize the development of, and enjoyment for die individual student-athlete and team, while providing unique opportunities to demonstrate courage in situations requiring dedication, discipline and unselfish cooperation. 
Operated to provide a link between the college and its constituencies.  Intercollegiate athletics will bond different generations of students, connect the College and surrounding community with traditional common interests, and promote the mission of the College through the accomplishments of its student-athletes and teams. 
Title IX Coordinator:  Laura Benson 
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