Student Athlete Success Program

EDGE was created to help student athletes prepare for life and school at the next level, just like they do for each game. The EDGE Coordinator encourages every student athlete to succeed in four areas:


Each athlete is encouraged to be a student first. 
The EDGE Coordinator is located in the Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC), building 700 (First Floor), to help athletes with their academic goals and ensure each student is remaining academically eligible and on track for graduation. 
Workshops are available to help with study tips, test taking, note taking and more. FREE tutoring is also available for all athletes. 

Daily Routine

The daily demand on a student is already high but as an athlete, in addition to attending classes, completing homework, studying and possibly working, added practices, workouts, and games make the demand much higher. 
Helping athletes develop schedules and daily routines will help plan for studying, completing assignments on-time, and planning for future successes. After all, a failure to plan is a plan for failure.

Game Plan

With help from Athletic Counselor Jason Kelly, their academic classes can be planned out to make sure they are working toward their degree. From there, the EDGE Coordinator is available everyday to assist student athletes with planning their future goals and the paths available to reach them. 


We want to ensure our athletes are as successful as possible with the available resources offered. With that in mind, the EDGE Coordinator is available to students in either walk-in or scheduled appointments. 
The students’ time in the Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) is much more than a study hall; it’s an opportunity to learn skills, find new resources, form successful routines, map out a game plan and execute or perform ways to attain their goals.  


 Patrick Hall, (​Tight Ends Coach / Assistant Strength Coach)
Tutoring and Learning Center,​ Building 700, First Floor (Virtual Tour​)
Patrick Hall was born in Sacramento, CA and graduated from John F. Kennedy High School where he played as a multi-sport athlete. Patrick played football at Shasta College in 2013-2014 (Scholar Athlete) and played football at Briar Cliff University 2015-2017 (Scholarship). Earning a B.S in Kinesiology and Human Performance at Briar Cliff University, Patrick is now working towards his M.S in Coaching and Athletic Administration at Concordia University Irvine. Patrick now works as the EDGE Coordinator at Shasta College. He is married to Jessica Hall, has a son (Bentley) and a daughter (Davina). 

My vison for the EDGE program is to be an excellent resource for our student-athletes and to provide assistance anyway possible. The key word is “student”. Student first then athlete. My objective as the EDGE coordinator is to not only get our athletes to the next level, but to make sure they are prepared to handle the work load that comes with day to day life here at Shasta College and at the 4-year level. EDGE will provide assistance to our athletes in many ways, from budgeting, all the way to time management and study skills. An athlete must not only possess the skills to be successful at their institution of choice, but also have the drive to do so! My vision is to help our student-athletes obtain these skills while instilling confidence into each one of them along the way, leaving our athletes with courage, determination, and the tenacity to be successful on the playing field and in life!  


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