Shasta College Swimming and Diving Team 




Bridging new waters in 2016
This is the first year that our conference Bay Valley will try something new and unique in the state.  While our conference hasn’t changed much, we had some new swim and dive programs emerge in the central part of California, creating a new sport for the Central Valley Conference.   The Bay Valley and Central Valley Conference will combine to make one large and very competitive conference.  The atmosphere, environment, and events of the Bay Valley Conference won’t be changed but the competition will see some extremely competitive events. 
Our Lady Knights will be led by a great group of sophomores; Julia Bellon, Megan Wilding, Emily Marker, and Sarah Quaid. Bellon and Marker will provide some great depth in our mid-distance races while they will also contribute in the backstroke and breaststroke events.  Marker is our lone diver and is much improved from 2015, she has a solid 1-meter board and working on the 3-meter this year.  Quaid, our most versatile sophomore will be valuable in many different events as the competition changes throughout the season.   Joining the squad this year; Emma Anderson, Hannah Cardinalli, Robyn Evans, Kately Chase, Kelsie Denison, Jessica Austin, and Kayla Hiett.  Evans and Cardinalli are our top recruits this year.  Evans will be racing in the breaststroke and IM races while adding depth to our relays.  Cardinalli will be swimming backstroke and has speed to help us in the sprints.  Denison, Austin, Chase, Anderson, and Hiett will provide some serious mid-distance swimming that very few schools in our conference will be able to handle.
Our Men will be led by Jerred and Davis Ferguson and Josiah Moran.   Jerred and Davis showed great potential in 2015 but this year they will spring into some great competitors.  Moran will be leading our divers with his experience and work ethic.   Josiah will provide some great points in the diving events and in addition he will also be competing in the swim events too.  Our newcomers are loaded with experience and enthusiasm.   Alex Hoheisel, Andres Andriano, Eric James, Jake Lindsey, Ben Rasmussen, Dean Knapp, Nick Silva, Owen Ritter and Blake Davis are ready for the challenges.   Hoheisel, Andriano, and Rasmussen will be providing some incredible depth in our breaststroke and sprint races.   James and Knapp will provide some solid depth in our mid-distance events, specializing in the 200 and 500 freestyles.  Lindsey and Ritter will create a duo for our distance program, racing mainly the mile and 500.  Silva and Davis will be joining Moran on the boards to help gain some needed points that many programs have trouble collecting.
This year the staff is excited and looking forward to working with each member of the squad and helping them reach their potential in the pool as well in the classroom and be great students/athletes here at Shasta College. 
Mark Wagner
Head Coach


2014 Going to State Championships!...

Going to State Swim and Dive 

From Left to right: Shelby Kine, Makayla Scott, Steven Jordon, Mimi Hoxie, Robby Griffith, Kelsey Serna, Samantha Divelbiss