2014 Outlook

 This year’s team is starting out with the most participants we have had in over ten years. We have 10 returning athletes and 25 newcomers on this year’s team. The men’s team will be chasing Butte and Siskiyous for the title while on the women’s side, the Lady Knights will be trying to catch a large Butte team.

Men’s Team

he men’s team will be stronger in the sprints this year with a lot of new faces. Elijah Brown (West Campus) will be joined by Branden Hester (Foothill), Nick Mai (Upper Lake), Devan Swayer (West Campus), and Marcial Lawson who will return after a year off. Jacob Logan (La Pine), a returner from last year’s team, will be our lone vaulter at this point. The other strength will be the throws with returner and a top thrower for us last year, Eric Scribner (Central Valley). He will be joined by Jacob Barker (Molalla Or), Jonathan Cook (Foothill), Nick Serverin (Shasta), Jefferey Williamson (UPrep), Dallas Collins (Enterprise) and Xavier Reynosa. The sprinters will be joined by the long sprinters Aaron Brown (Big Bear), Andrew Sorrell (Hoopa), Robby Taylor (Foothill) and Stephen Hackstaff (Red Bluff). The distance team will be led by Tony Meredith (Foothill), having won the GVC cross country championship last fall along with the 5k and 10k last season. Tony will we joined by Tim Oxley (Granada), Trevor Reid (Shasta), Colby Hanna (Shasta) and Ryder Pisenti (Durham Prep). Luke Wright (West Valley) should be an outstanding hurdler and jav thrower and multi event man. He will be joined by Jesse Robbins (West Valley) in the long hurdles and throws. The hurdlers and jumper will be Nick Halverson (Foothill), Davis Kepon (Foothill), Harold Stacey (West Valley), Ryan Copeland and Elijah Brown (West Campus). It looks like it could be an exciting year for the Knights with some new found speed!

Women's Team

This year’s team is small with only one returning athlete. It is nice to see that we will have lady throwers this year. Yessica Lopez (Central Valley) will lead this year’s group. Priscilla Masten (Hoopa) has joined the team after being trained by Alana Nelf, a former Shasta standout. They will be joined by Morgan Mora (Enterprise) and Lauren Brummett (Yreka). We have Lauren Duval (Foothill), a high jumper and hurdler, and her former team mate Hailey Jackson (Foothill) in the sprints. Sarah Bilich (Orland) and Sonia Pabloff (Foothill) will be the middle distance runners along with Savannah Kniep (American Christian). Our pole vaulter is Ryan Fogel (Lapine Or.)  Our only returning runner is Autum Serota (West Valley) who did an outstanding job last year as a sprinter. The team will be short on numbers but there are some very good track athletes in this group of young ladies and they will be fun to watch!





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