Tenure Review

Institutional Tenure Review Committee Members
Meridith Randall, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Committee Chair
Anthony Eckhardt, Economics Instructor
Tom Orr, Dean of Extended Education
Bethany Schaarschmidt, Nutrition Instructor

2009-10 Tenure Review Committee List  
2010-11 Tenure Review Committee List 
2011-12 Tenure Review Committee List
2012-13 Tenure Review Committee List

Important Dates 


11/15: Individual Tenure Review Committee materials (including completed Faculty Evaluation Summary Report and recommendations) due to Vice President of Academic Affairs for Institutional Tenure Review Committee review.

Prior to 1/30:  Individual Tenure Review Committee materials and recommendations due to Vice President of Academic Affairs.

2/1:  Institutional Tenure Review Committee recommendation due to Superintendent/President.

Feb Brd Mtg: Board of Trustees decides on continued employment of probationary faculty members. 

Tenure Review Forms 

During the first semester of service, all members of any newly cnstituted Individual Tenure Review Committee are required to participate in in-service trtaining sepcifically designed for evaluators and developed by the Institutional Tenure Review Committee.  Failure to complete this required training during the first semester of service on an Individual Tenure Review Committee shall result in immediate removal from the Committee.  In such cases, confirmation of a replacement committee member who has received evaluator training within the previous three years shall be sought from the Academic Senate.

The Office of Academic Affairs will maintain a list of faculty indicating when they received their last training.